CBD & LOVE: how CBD can improve love life

CBD Love

Love is everywhere this time of year. Whether you are single or in love, you can’t deny this feeling of love and happiness that is pending in the air of February. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, whether like it or not, is always an opportunity for people but above all for couples to love each other even more and to give extra attention to their partner. But how to make this anniversary original without ever being banal?

In the movie “Annie Hall”, the protagonist usually smokes a joint before bed because, she says, it helps to relax her and it puts her in a good mood for making love. But is there really a relationship between cannabis and sex? Some studies have investigated the link between cannabinoids and sexual desire, finding some interesting results: recently, researchers have noticed that frequent users, both men and women, have had an increase of about 20% in sexual intercourse in a month compared to their peers. who did not use cannabis. The research raises an interesting question: Since each of us would like a satisfying love life, how can we achieve it?

Can CBD really improve your sex life?

A fulfilling sex life contributes to mental well-being. Conversely, an unsatisfactory or difficult sex life can be a source of discomfort. Numerous elements can be the source of this dissatisfaction: fatigue, stress, physical ailments or other difficulties that can have negative repercussions on desire and on sexual life. In fact, having a fulfilling sex life despite one’s frailties can prove to be a real challenge in everyday life.

It is known that the use of CBD can reduce the feeling of nausea, relieve insomnia, migraines and pains such as menstrual ones. But benefits have also been found in the bedroom that help restore couple harmony:

  • increase pleasure,
  • decrease stress and anxiety, including performance anxiety,
  • cheer up the mood by creating the right atmosphere.

According to sexologist Peg Hurley Dawson, interviewed by the Huffington Post, the reasons for these libido dysfunctions that would lead to this lack of harmony in the couple’s desires relate to lubrication problems, erectile dysfunction and periods of excessive stress.

calo della libido

The loss of libido leads to an unsatisfactory sex life but thanks to CBD it is possible to improve this aspect. This is because, as research has shown, CBD helps reduce stress, decrease anxiety and panic attacks. In our body, when the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which regulates multiple and varied functions such as homeostasis, pleasure, pain and relaxation, is activated by the cannabinoids of cannabis, it induces a strong sensation of pleasure and relaxation with a consequent decrease in pain. As Peter Barsoom explains to CNN:

“The increase in pleasurable sensations that can arise with cannabinoids can lead to increased arousal and can make sex even more enjoyable”.

It’s simple: less stress = more sex (and romance).

A survey carried out by the British Columbia School of Medicine evaluated which aspects of the sexual experience were improved or decreased by the use of cannabis through an online questionnaire for cannabis users. Most of the study participants reported that cannabis helped them relax, increase concentration but above all the sensitivity and intensity of feelings, thus improving their sexual experience; while only 4.7% found that cannabis interfered with making them sleepy or having no effect on their sexual experience. 65.7% reported greater intensity of orgasms and greater sexual satisfaction.

Therefore, it seems that CBD enhances sexual function, increasing desire and improving mood in general through a neurotransmitter called Anandamide (AEA) which influences physiological systems such as pain, appetite regulation, pleasure and satisfaction.

vita sessuale

Everyone can benefit from it, even those interested in anal but cannot be completely satisfied due to both mental and physical limitations. Nationally acclaimed anal surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein and founder of Bespoke Surgical, a New York project that focuses on sexual well-being, education and comfort in particular of the LGBTQ + community, says that: the medicinal effects of CBD, especially when it comes to anal involvement, really work. As with most treatments, not everything works for everyone. For those who have tried traditional remedies and had no luck, I usually suggest CBD (in its various forms) thanks to the positive testimonials of my patients. Of course they need to be placed in context and used correctly, but they can improve the experience and make things more enjoyable”.

Goldstein then adds, “With its multitude of effects, CBD has a definitive role not only in my clinical practice, where I use it during post-surgery to improve pain control and general healing, but also in the sexual practices of my parents. clients, for two reasons: to favor physical impairment or limitations and to improve an already pleasant act”.

Regardless of your approach, its use is becoming commonplace, especially in the anal world thanks to its muscle relaxation action that leads to a more gratifying sexual experience.

“If lubrication is a problem during sex, CBD can help”, explains Alex Capano of the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University. This is because there are many cannabinoid receptors in the reproductive organs and sexual tissues. CBD increases blood flow to tissues, improving sensitivity and natural lubrication. In this regard, even for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, CBD can help.

Finally, in a 2018 survey of 2,409 people by some Californian universities, shows that pain is the most commonly reported reason for using CBD, which also helps reduce pain and inflammation during intercourse, including pain caused by chronic conditions such as endometriosis. The interactions between the ECS and pain-associated mechanisms in patients with endometriosis occur at different levels: researchers are currently conducting a study examining the effects of CBD in patients with endometriosis as it is believed to improve both pain and quality of life. Obviously CBD is not a cure but it could help manage some symptoms associated with the condition, including pain and cramps to make the most of your love life.

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CBD in the bedroom

The desires, needs, emotions and behaviors related to emotional and sexual life are multiple and complex. There are many ways of experiencing sexuality, with different expressions and rhythms. It requires an effort to understand the other and mutual understanding. When the needs or desires of the partners do not match, this can be a source of suffering. CBD could bring more lightheartedness, desire and enjoyment instead of frustration and pain, particularly in the bedroom! When it comes to love, there is no real answer or cure, but there is always something that can give you a little boost and in CBD you can find a faithful ally.

Therefore, there is no better occasion than Valentine’s Day to amaze with a romantic but original idea that transmits love. To better equip the bedroom, today we need CBD oil or other of the many derivative products for an intimate moment of pure relaxation. While to impress with a gift, perhaps different from the usual chocolates and typical red roses, you could try decidedly more relaxing flowers. This year gives a special thought that can really surprise.

For those interested in experimenting with CBD in their love life, they must know that products derived from CBD if full spectrum can create unique effects and benefits thanks to the so-called “Entourage Effect“. When it comes to dosage, everyone is different and there is no conclusive evidence as to how much CBD someone would have to take to achieve certain effects.

“Start low and slow until you find the optimal amount,” advises Capano.