Cultivation: from seed to flower

This is where our cultivation and production journey begins together with researchers and growers who are constantly striving to study and introduce new strains while always working in harmony with the environment.

The importance of raw material

Our Indoor and Greenhouse cultivations located in Switzerland and Italy guarantee accurate and natural processing. All this is possible thanks to certified professionals and enthusiasts who cultivate with safe and environmentally friendly techniques rare and special strains to meet the highest quality standards. With a view to total transparency, we follow each stage of production with the utmost care to offer you a product of excellence. 

1° step

Strains selection

Strains selection is the first step in having high-quality products. That is why we choose only the best genetics that are researched and cultivated using 100% natural methods. As with all valuable products, starting from the brown and hard seed to the resinous and compact green flower, all stages are subjected to very careful controls that attest to their quality, traceability and safety.

2° step


From the seed, it will move on to the germination stage in which a shoot consisting of two cotyledonary leaves or embryo leaves will appear, responsible for absorbing the light necessary for the plant to become healthy and strong. In these early days of life, the plant needs water and a lot of care to grow and develop its roots. . In fact, during the first few weeks, the shoot is particularly susceptible to disease and needs special care throughout its development.

3° Step


As the roots develop, the long, slender stem will grow in height and the iconic fan-shaped leaves will form from the plant’s nodes. During this first phase called vegetative, or “Veg” for short, the plant develops very quickly and reaches its maximum height. During these months it is necessary to pay close attention to water supply or sunlight uniformity.

4° Step


Only during the flowering stage will the pre-flowers composed of white pistils or hairs appear and then the buds begin to form. In fact, only once adult does the plant begin to flower, and our growers control its growth and leaf color day after day, reducing light, humidity, and creating the right atmosphere that allows the more delicate flowers to enlarge.



When the buds begin to swell to a compact, sticky size and the color of the pistils changes to a dark color between red and orange, the flower has reached its maturity and is ready to be harvested. In fact, the color of the pistils announces the state of maturity of the plant, and our growers are able to recognize when it is ready at a glance. Harvesting is done strictly by hand with the utmost care and skill so as not to damage the precious flowers, which once cut are transferred to the drying room.

Drying-trimming-curing cbd
6° – 7° – 8° STEP

Let the transformation begin!

DRYING: after the harvest is finished, the fresh inflorescences must be dried to remove liquid residues and to prevent the appearance of possible mold. The plants, cut off at the base and hung upside down, are stored in a dark, cool and ventilated room so that they can dry out, allowing the active ingredients to thicken on the apical tips of the buds and on the cola-situated at the highest part of the plant where the inflorescences join and grow tightly together to form a single group of buds. During this stage, it is necessary to monitor both the temperature and airiness of the premises reduce the moisture content so that the buds adopt a more compact texture and develop different colors with the natural process of chlorophyll transformation.

TRIMMING: a key step is the cleaning of the tops, called Trimming or Manicure, which requires great precision and helps to maintain their maximum flavor and give longer-lasting freshness. Using shears, all the tops will be removed one at a time from the branches of the plant, and again by hand each top will be cleared of leaflets and all excess plant material making it more beautiful, compact and similar to a precious bud. This also decreases and prevents the appearance of mold and will make the buds easier to tan and store. Trimming is not done by machine but strictly by hand to allow extremely precise cleaning without damaging the flowers.

CURING: once the tops are dry and trimmed they are placed in a dark, dry environment inside containers and checked daily for several weeks, inspecting for any signs of mold and allowing for air exchange. The curing process is very important because it lets the tops season and rehydrate so as to eliminate possible diseases, improving their taste and body as well as facilitating their preservation over time. Once the tanning is over, the inflorescences are always stored in a cool, dark and dry place in closed containers to prevent the flowers from drying out and checked periodically to monitor the moisture level

The importance of waiting

Carrying out all these processes correctly is essential to best preserve the terpene profile and flavor of our inflorescences, which are ready only after months of hard and careful work. At this point, the flowers can be further processed into first-run hashes and pure extracts but also into oils of different concentrations made to meet every need. The result remains the same: high-quality products, packaged in a way that preserves their aromas and freshness, shipped throughout Italy and Europe to offer you a unique, stress-free relaxation experience.

Legality guaranteed by certified laboratories

Accredited and certified laboratories analyze all our products so as to ensure their reliability and compliance with current standards. This enables us to nurture confidence in the market from institutions, businesses and consumers, providing a high degree of assurance on quality and safety at the international level.